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The best creativity is the result of good work habits.

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Saathiya Studio that sells uncommon creative works.

Lead Videographer
Vijay Padashala

Vijay Padashala

Vijay offers you extensive packages in wedding videography. He has advance editing skills and fantastic story telling ability. He offers you a wedding film that captures your special day into glorious HD. A well produced, entertaining film to showcase for the rest of your happy marriage. He creates your wedding film, he makes your memories, move.

Dushyant Gundaraniya

Dushyant Gundaraniya

Dushyant Gundaraniya operates independently and this freedom allows him to travel wherever his passion leads him or whenever he is called. he has a keen eye and an uncanny knack of capturing magical moments and frames, that bring a smile to your face or even a tear to your eye. This is what he delivers.

Image Editor
Vairag Gajera

Vairag Gajera

Vairag Gajera is an Software Engineering Graduate. He left his software field to pursue his passion – To create. He is good image editor and creator of new style wedding albums. He always loved anything related with pixels so he started to design at a very young age, most of his skills and knowledge are self taught.

Lead Photographer
Dharmesh Padashala

Dharmesh Padashala

Dharmesh, run the Saathiya Studio (just few individual photographers including himself). Additionally, they can take care of traditional photography (of posed pictures), candid photography and cinematic videography. They work from hometown and travel across the country for shoots.

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